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Launch Track - New Product Tracking Service



With our Launch Track© new product tracking service, you can instantly see online reactions of purchasers to your new products.

Launch Track gives you fast feedback from consumers on their reactions to new products, line extensions, displays, and package changes. We report online immediately after consumers try the product:

• How they rate the new item
• Brand switching behavior & usage frequency
• Source of business
• Repurchase intent
• Brand attribute ratings
• Motivations for purchase
• Advertising awareness

Launch Track is useful for retailer-specific programs, national new product introductions, regional tests, reformulations, new packaging and anytime you need fast online feedback from consumers. We work in any chain and outlet type nationwide, including Wal-Mart, club and convenience stores.

The results are instantly tabulated and reported to you in customized graphic formats. Questionnaires are customized to meet your needs, and can also include open-end responses. You see the results as the surveys are being completed each day by purchasers of your new products. Customized PowerPoint reports are produced at the completion of the surveys.

To obtain the interviews, customized labels with random ID numbers are placed on your new products in retail stores across the country during the launch of your new items. Purchasers are invited to complete an online survey about the new product in return for an incentive. A geographically dispersed cross section of markets ensures wide representation. We can also target your product distribution list.

Follow-up Interviews - Are available to monitor repeat purchase, satisfaction and attrition rates from the panel of respondents.

Normative Database - By comparing your results to the normative database of hundreds of past studies, you can determine the new product potential.


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